Family Tax Benefit Supplements 2013

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Family tax benefit supplement 2013

Family Tax Benefit A and B both include a supplement payment. This typically gets paid after you (and your partner, if you have one) have lodged your tax return for the year and actual income is reconciled against the family  assistance you have received.

If it turns out that you have been overpaid, the supplement will first be used to help offset any overpayment of Family Tax Benefit or Child Care Benefit. If you’ve been underpaid, you’ll receive a nice top-up payment along with your supplements.

How much is the Family Tax Benefit Supplement in 2013?

It was announced in the Budget that the indexation for both FTB Part A and FTB Part B supplement payments has been paused further until 1 July 2017. This means that the payment amounts will not be increasing but will remain at the current rates:

Family Tax Benefit Supplement 2013 maximum payments

The maximum amount of FTB Part A supplement is $726.35 per child. The maximum amount of FTB Part B supplement is $354.05. Remember, these are the maximum benefit amounts; your payment might differ depending on your personal entitlement and circumstances.

 What’s holding up my Family Tax Benefit  Supplement payment?

• If you are not required to lodge a tax return, have you notified Family Assistance? (you can do this using their online services).

• If your child is turning four, they might need a health check in order to qualify for the FTB Part A supplement. If you did this, have you notified Family Assistance? (again, you can do this via online services).

• Payments may be withheld if your child’s immunisation is not up-to-date and you do not have an approved exemption. Immunisation requirements affect eligibility for the FTB Part A supplement from the 2012/13 financial year onwards.

Tick, Tock – One year to get it done

Being public accountants, it’s pretty typical of us to have couple’s turn up with years worth of tax returns who suddenly need everything done that very hour because Centrelink have finally cut off their benefits and now it’s an emergency (they fail to understand that even if it’s lodged that day, the Tax Office will still take a couple of weeks to issue the required Notice of Assessments).

FTB time period for income reconciliation

Well, now there is even more reason to get a wriggle on. Last weeks Federal Budget announced a lump sum and income reconciliation period for Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Assistance of just 12 months from the end of the financial year. This begins with the 2012-13 year – yep, right away. According to the Budget papers, extensions will be approved only in “exceptional circumstances”.  This is going to save the Government $562 million over the next 5 years.

Usually the laggers are those who have a self-employed spouse whose record-keeping skills leave a lot to be desired. As a result, the spouses’ tax return gets put off and put off. Now more than ever, you simply can’t afford to let that happen.

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  1. Hi ,I just want to know can i claim my wife as a dependent on my tax return this year she earned $3000 during the year she was born in1986 .

    • Hi Dil,

      As far as the actual ‘dependent spouse tax offset’ goes, this is mostly no longer available for spouses born after 1 July 1952.

      However, there will be places on your tax return which refer to a spouse and may ask for spouse details. This can be used to assess your eligibility for other offsets (depending on your situation). Your spouse’s out-of-pocket medical expenses, for instance, can be added to your own in order to reach the thresholds.

  2. nina grasso says:

    hello i was wondering if you know what date in July Carer Allowance Supp’s will be paid this year?

  3. Hi was just wondering if you owe centrelink ftb and have a debt which youve already started a payment plan for, will the amount owing be deducted from the supplement?

    • Hi Steph, I was in the same situation last year and no deduction was made from my debt.

  4. Hi I contacted centrelink advised of non lodgement and she said they had to wait to process my rebate as they required a maintenance report? Does this mean I have to wait for my ex to do his tax or just for their systems to communicate?

  5. Hi guys,
    I just did my tax on etax and i get ftb but till i know if i get the supplement does my husband need to do his tax?
    Plus i under estimated my income as i was given alot of extra shifts in the last couple of months so does that mean ill get nothing of the supplement? I told family assist i earned 27000 but on my group certificate its 29000 🙁 (my mistake).

    • Hi April,

      If you are partnered, Centrelink cannot reconcile your FTB (and pay you any supplements) until your hubby does his tax aswell. You might need to give him a kick along. 🙂

      You’ve overestimate your income by $2,000.I doubt this would be enough to suck away all of your supplement payments. Any overpayment will be deducted from the supplements first and you’ll still get what’s left over.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi, if I owe money to the ATO on my tax return this year, will my supplement payment and top up automatically go toward paying this debt?


    • Hi Rebecca,

      If you have a Centrelink debt, they will take your Tax Refund from the ATO to pay it off, however, it doesn’t seem to happen in reverse. If you have an ATO debt, you should still receive your supplement payments.

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    • That’s a quick-witted answer to a difficult question

  7. I had my FTB and PP reduced recently because a new Child Support Assessment was drafted and the assessment period was backdated. It showed that I ‘should have’ been getting more child support, even though I didn’t – so my payments were reduced according what I should have received, not what I actually received 🙁 My FTB and PP payments are apparently back to normal as of next fortnight. Will my FTB supplements be reduced or even completely taken away because of this situation? I hope not, as this whole thing was basically based on a situation that didn’t even happen.

    I am also not currently employed and haven’t been for the 2012/2013 financial year, so have not had any ‘taxable income’ other than my Parenting Payment and thus have advised Centrelink that I don’t need to lodge a tax return.

    • Hi Nat,

      I can’t tell you how many times that happens! It’s a ridiculous situation when you are assessed on what you SHOULD have been paid, not you ACTUALLY ever were (or are likely to be). At least two friends of mine faced a similar situation and the paperwork and running about to finally sort it out was insane.

      I would hope it will not affect your supplements, but if it does, do not just let it go if there is no chance of recovering the child support that ‘should have’ been paid. Best of luck.

  8. Hi i just got off the ph with centrelink abd i have been informed that they no longer do ftb supp A & B of the 700+ and 300+ Payments as its been replaced by school kids bonus?? Is this true ?

    • I don’t think that’s right.. The Schoolkids Bonus replaced the Education Supplement, not the FTB Supplements.

    • Nat G is right. The SchoolKids Bonus replaced the Education Tax Refund and has nothing at all to do with Family Tax Benefit Supplements.

      Perhaps some of this Government funding needs to go into training their call centre staff.

      Family Tax Benefit Supplements are absolutely being paid at a maximum rate of $726.35 per child (Part A) and $354.05 per family (Part B).

  9. Priskia Sarra says:

    Hello I just want to know when the Family Tax Supplement will be paid? Thanks.

  10. yasmyster says:

    If I have an outstanding debt with parenting payment will I still get supplement

    • I know that supplements can be used to repay Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Benefit debts. I’m not 100% sure about Parenting Payment, though I would assume so??

  11. Why does centrelink say the 19th but its processing earlier.? Is that to stop 1000s of calls.?

  12. I get both family tax benefits, and in not lodging a tax return this year, do i still receive the $600?

  13. NOELEENE says:

    Hi just a quick querie, I’m a single mum of two do I have to tell c’link I dont have to do a tax return?? Also, my daughters dead beat dad has not paid a scrap of maintenance,in 5 years, will that make a difference to how much I receive?? Also when do we receive our F.T.B. supplement.


  14. NOELEENE says:

    Also c’link have got me written up as getting $1500 a year child support, child suppport agency said this is c’links problem, who should be fixing this issue, I worked it out I get $149.70 a year from my eldest daughters dead beat dad. Not $1500 big difference!!!!

    Who should be fixing this problem and would it make a difference to my rate of pay???

  15. just wondering i do not have to lodge a tax return and hubby only gets money from his superannuation which is not taxable.i have notified centrelink that we are non lodgers about a week ago via online services when should i see money in the bank as i estmated hubbys income was a certain amount?

    • I told centrelink on monday that i dont have to lodge. I just checked my payments and it will be it my bank on the 17th.

      Your hubby might be able to get the tax back that he paid when he got his super. I did this a few years ago when i wasnt working and still got $1000 tax return just from the tax i paid when i withdrew my superannuation.

  16. In the last the FTb supplement has automagically been paid without having to notify centrelink of anything however I have noticed a few people staying they have told centrelink they don’t have to lodge a tax return. Is this something new that needs to be done??

    • If you don’t need to lodge a tax return you are meant to lodge a non-lodgement advice thorough centerlink and tax department as that’s wat I was told by centerlink on Friday

  17. I done a tax return and on my centrelink it says Arrears payment of family tax benefit part A supplement and the same for part B supplement and im not sure wat that means did over estimate or under estimate I don’t no if its my supplement or money they owe me please can anyone help

  18. hi i was woundering my partner worked 4 months max this financial year and i work 2 months while he was off work, so we never worked duing the same periods of time. we both have to lodge a tax return. gross was under $16.000 between the both of us. does this mean we dont recieve the $726.30 for our son.

  19. Hi I have earnt 53000 this financial year with work and declared centre link income so how much am I entitled to with 5 children????? Curious to know if I get a supplement ???

  20. Hi I was wondering if anyone else is having a issue with getting there family supplements?? I have 4 children 2 are from a previous relationship..My current partner has lodged his tax return..I lodged a non-lodgement advice as I don’t have a income apart from family tax benefit a+b ..And I have been told by centerlink I have to lodge a tax return because the new law is I receive child support from my ex-partner and I have to declare my centerlink income ??? Totally lost and confused anyone in the same boat?

  21. We will earn just under the income cutoff for family tax A this financial year and will receive an annual FTA payment of $14. Would I still receive the maximum FTA supplement of $726 per child (I have 3) or do I only get part thereof according to our income. Thanks.

  22. Hi if my husband has a tax debt from being subcontractor but I did not receive any ftb last financial year as I had a small debt with them from being over paid last year. should I get the payements that are owed to me after they have payed my ftb debt or will it go towards my husbands tax debt? Thanks =)

  23. Hi. My FTB supplement payment should be around $1,100 this year (according to Centrelink) – but they are waiting for info to come back from the ATO before they release this money. My husband has a debt with the ATO, will my supplement payment go towards paying that or will I still get this money? Thanks.

  24. Hi,
    As of the 1st July 2013 my FTB rate has been reduced ($82.17) per fn. My husband tax assessment states he earnt 57,000 for 2013-2013 and I’d put his income as 58,000. When I phoned centrelink about this rate reduction they said it was all due to my husbands income? Hmm ok what I wanna know is why is it that I seen our income states 59,622 on their database? Does this mean I owe centrelink money and therefor won’t receive the supplement? I’m confused!

  25. Hi. I phoned centerlink almost 2 weeks ago and advised of non lodgement. They said I should get my supp payments the next week. I’m still waiting 🙁 I called them back and they said its still pending………….. Wat does that mean??!

  26. So if I am paying off my centrelink advance will my supplement payment pay the advance before I get it?

  27. krystal says:

    I have not worked for the whole financial year however my old workplace (which I have not worked at for the past 2 years) sent me a group certificate for leftover annual leave. I advised centrelink and the ATO and was told to lodge which I did. When will I receive my supplements as a lot of people are receiving theirs even though they haven’t lodged their tax returns. I’ve been completely on centrelink the whole financial year.

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  28. Two years ago I was paid the full amount of FTB A Supplement per child ($712 est) for 4 children on an ATI of $83430. In 2012/13, I only received about $381 per child on an ATI of $113,992. How do they calculate the adjustment. Is the Supplement income tested?
    In 2011/12, our ATI was $105,813 and there was also a reduction in the Supplement payment which was about the same as what I got for 2012/13.

  29. hi i was just wondering if we overestimated by 15000 then do we get some sort of back pay? for 2 children under 8 on the fta and ftb. or is the whole non lodgement of tax thing that we had to do just to see if we are eligible for the supplement???? really confused about all of this and the call centre wasnt much help clarifying lols


  30. concerned mum says:

    I have reconcilced with my ex and have received a letter from child suupport, my question is do I need to let centrelinl know, I already received my supplements(not much for 4 kids)

  31. Hi I have a daughter who turned 18 last year and is now at uni. She can receive no youth allowance and we accept we have to support her. She is classed as dependant on us. This being so I have now found out that we will receive no tax benefit Part A or schoolkids bonus for my two other 14 year old children because we are now assessed at the 2 children rate for how much we can earn. On the one hand they are saying my 18 year old is dependant but when it suits them we are now a 2 child family. This seems ludicrous to me and they are changing the rules to suit themselves. We are now supporting 3 children with no help on a very average wage. Do you have any advice as to how we may proceed with this and it seems we are being dealt with very unfairly. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers

  32. Me and my husband just did our tax returns last week. When we will be able to know if if we can get a family tax supplement?

  33. Leanna Palmer says:

    Hi im due to pay of my family tax advance on the 15th of November can I apply for another or is it just every 12 months ??

  34. Just curious… the Spousal Allowance, I hadn’t heard about it until my hubby mentioned it. I don’t work and he lodges in his tax through e-Tax each year. They told him he wasn’t going to get paid that this year. It stressed me out. I get FTB paid each fortnight for my 2 girls (4 & 12). At the end of the year I get a lump sum to do with FTB. I set up a payment plan with them as they deemed we were paid too much (that was in 2010). Now… the payment they were talking about not paying… would it be that lump sum? I have tried to look it up. That is why I stressed out. If it was the same thing. That money at the end of the year helps us out greatly with things. You page has been very helpful. Thank you.

  35. Hi,
    I’ m getting disability support pension from Centrelink. I have saved money which I have put into my home loan. As a result I pay around $800 per month (interest only) for my mortgage for next 3 years and this $800 figure will go up when I start paying principle and interest. My tax agent said that I don’t have to inform Centrelink the amount of my saved money because it is attached to my home loan.
    Q1- Do I have to inform how much saved money in my home loan account?
    Q2- Do you think Centrelink will stop my payment because of my saved money?

    Please advice me.

  36. Anna sison says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether my child’s immunization records affect our FTB supplement payments? She is fully immunized however our family doctor has not yet updated it with Medicare, am frustrated because she was fully immunized by end of 2011 before she started school and it is now 2013. Do I show Medicare her blue book to prove her immunization is up to date or do I have to chase the doctor up for this? Cheers

  37. confused mum says:

    Hi, just quering, I’m a stay at home mum of 4 and my centrelink income estimate is $18,700 and my partner only receives disability pension, will I be able to still receive the supplement??

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  39. Danielle says:

    Hi. We received FTB up untill December 2013 when our youngest son finished school. Will we still get a partial supplement payment for the six months that we received this payment ?

  40. Hi I underestimated my income to centrelink. I estimated $15000 but got paid PPS $18996. Will I still get my FTB A&B supplements for my 3 kids?

  41. I have a centrelin debit was wondering if they take my patners tax return to pay it off please help

  42. Just wondering I became partnered in April. centrelink have said I won’t get the supplements until my partner does his tax return. How does it work? He worked before I became partnered and is now studying, when he did work none of the money was to support me or the kids as we wernt partnered then. Also he had a debt for not declaring his income properly for when he was working..will the supplement be used to pay his debts that occurred before we were even a couple? If you do owe a debt does the supplements only pay the family tax debts or is that for any debt with centrelink? I’m so very confused. I’m looking forward to these supplements as I’m in need for the money for rego and so on but am worried it could be taken to pay his debt when he incurred that debt before becoming partnered. He does have an arrangement and is paying it off.

  43. I received family taxA this year as I had my first child. Do I need to add this as a income in my tax report?

  44. Hi there,
    was just wondering if centrelink are allowed to use ur end of yr supplment to pay off ur debt if ur already under repayment agreements with them.. I only recieve income from centrelink i had all 5 of my children in my full time care but 2 left my care during the financial year.. We advised centrelink straight away n put in all requiered forms but they didnt stop my payments till 6wks after even though we constantly kept ringing them n going into see them about it.. One of my children returned to my full time care 4 wks before his payments were issued to the other person once again we advised them but nothing was done for another 4wks and i didnt recieve payments for another 6wks after that.. I was happy to repay the debt without any problems and was also advised to appeal it while paying it off as it can take upto 3mths to appeal its been 5mths since i made the appeal and have been paying the debt off for 8mths but wen i rang to advise non lodgement of tax i was told id be paid on my supplement on my next ftb payment its now showing up i will get it but then says i will recieve $0.00 due to repayment of debt.. Ive looked online to find out if they can take the full amount i cant find any info.. I also rang to inquire but was told to appeal it as well and advised i was going to use the supplement money for things i needed for my childrens extra day to day things they need to help them with there needs cause were still under assesments with there autism n disability assesments n can not claim careers till all finalised.. They said it was grounds to appeal but can take upto 3mths.. Can anyone help to advise me where to go to speak to someone about help with sortin it out or if its able to be used to repay ur debt

  45. Hi i just recieved my tax refund and didnt get paid the supplement for ftb a because they say my child is not immunised although she is if i prove she is can i still apply to get the 726 i have repeatedly asked my dr to sent the info through before end of tax year as she has been fully immunised for 2 yrs now

  46. Natalie says:

    My family tax benefit says balancing soon to be completed no further action required what dose this mean?

  47. Hi So I have just got my partners group certificate and I underestimated for him but overestimated for me so will that effect my top up

  48. Helen Kay says:

    Hi, I’ve just realised that I’ve stuffed up and have submiited my 2012/2013 tax return 2 weeks past deadline! I was not aware of the new law and centrelink have refused to pay me my entitled top-up of $6000…what can I possibly do??

    • Hi Helen, my situation is similar. Hubby is self employed and after much messing around has only just lodger 2013 return. Just wondering if you ever got your top up and if you did, what you had to do? Thanks.

    • Yes… I had the same dilemma. Human Services advise, unless you were practically on your deathbed in a hospital, it’s too bad. Even the lady I spoke to agreed how wrong the change was without letters going out to inform us. She said it was released on their website and through regular media. Shame I only ever visited their site once every 12 to 18 months, and have little interest in regular media 🙁 Well, now I know and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! Pretty sickening when you work out your refund was many thousands of $$$. More fool me for thinking I was being a good person and had no chances of accidentally over-claiming (as I did one year and they made me feel like a criminal!).

    • val munro says:

      I am interested in the above posts having lost my entitlement for my youngest child because my accountant held back lodging my return so as to lodge ‘en masse’ with other clients’ returns. He was, and still is, unaware of these changes as he also pointed out that Centrelink would still want you to pay them back if you had underestimate your income and lodged a late return, (otherwise we would all underestimate our incomes and lodge late), and that they could not have it both ways. To have changed a system without warning and without a major advertising campaign so that even those in the trade are unaware of changes is not a vote winning policy. Clearly those that can ill afford it will lose out the most. It is robbing the poor to give to the rich. It is morally wrong and I wonder if it is legal. Does anyone know of any online campaigns against it, that our voices might be heard? The Government need to know this policy sucks.

  49. hi i under stimate my partners income by 2500 would i still get the supplements for my children?

  50. Hi all, I sure this is a stupid question but I have no idea. If I am getting the FTB and a partnered parenting payment and I want to start working again do I have to declare that to centrelink?

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  52. Hi All,
    Centrelink told us we won’t get family tax benefit for 2013 ,because we didn’t apply for it in time, as we were not aware about it and didn’t even know that we had to fill out a form. In the past we have been getting the payment automatically.
    Can anyone guide us where to go as we lost around 6-7grand.
    Thanks for reading


  53. Can someone please help me with my 2 questions if able too
    1- I just got family tax supplement and wasn’t paid right due to them thinking 2 yr olds immunisation not up to date but it always has been up to date I got his Dr to feel out immunis record n sent to registry but obviously not fixed up on system. If I take copy of form to centrelink in person to show his had all on time n never musse one will they pay the rest of supplement to me?
    -2- I’ve had my 13 yr sin home since December 2014 will I get paid pat supplement as well for him?

  54. i owed the ato 246 dollars from my small business tax and yes your supplements do pay back the ato office as the 246 came off my centrelink supplements

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