Centrelink Online Services Now Available for Carers

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Carers who are Centrelink nominees –  that is, as person nominated by a customer to handle their Centrelink affairs – can now register to do Centrelink business for themselves and the person they care for online.

Nominees can register for online services at

Once registered, you may be able to:

  • subscribe to receive letters online
  • update address and bank details online, and
  • view payment details to see when the next payment is due.

If you receive a Centrelink payment, you can also register to use Centrelink’s online service for yourself.

Online services are currently available to a nominee if they are an individual, such as a family member or a friend who is a carer. Access will be offerred to organisations who are nominees (such as Public Trustees and nursing homes) at a later date.

For more information or to register for online services, visit or call 13 2717.

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  1. Very nice offer for father of two daughters like me! let me try this offer!

  2. Albin Schmigotz says:

    I Albin Schmigotz from Brisbane Australia ,presantly in China for medical treatment
    can not finde a Email address for Centrelink age pension department ,way can not be
    such make simple for general public ? can you send me a Email address ?
    I need to know what is happenning with my age pension application ?
    sincerely yours : ALBIN SCHMIGOTZ .

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