$600 Carer Supplement 2013

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Carer Supplement and Bonus Payments 2013

It’s that time of year again when my inbox starts filling with questions about Family Tax Benefit Supplements and Carer Bonus Payments.

In short, yes, there is still a $600 Carer Supplement payment being paid this financial year.

Also, the $1,000 Child Disability Assistance Payment is available to eligible carers.

Will I get a $600 Carer Supplement?

To be eligible, you must be receiving a qualifying payment on 1 July, 2013. These are:

All Carer Allowance recipients will receive a Carer Supplement up to $600 for each eligible person in their care. Some carers will receive two or more Carer Supplements, and those receiving a part-rate of Carer Allowance under shared-care arrangements will receive a proportion of the Carer Supplement.

Eligible recipients of Carer Payment, Wife Pension (Age), Wife Pension (DSP), Department of Veterans’ Affairs Carer Service Pension, and Department of Veterans’ Affairs partner service pension receive $600.

You do not need to apply. The Carer Supplement is usually paid automatically as a lump sum to carer’s who receive a qualifying payment for a period that includes 1 July.

Note that this year, Centrelink have announced even if your payment for that date period is reduced to nil because of earnings, you will still qualify for the Carer Supplement payment, provided you are otherwise receiving an eligible income-support payment.

$1,000 Child Disability Assistance payment

To be eligible for Child Disability Assistance Payment, you must have been paid Carer Allowance for a child under 16 years for a period that includes 1 July. This also includes Carer Allowance backdated to include 1 July.

Carer Allowance (child) recipients will receive a Child Disability Assistance Payment of up to $1,000 for each child in their care.

Eligibility for Child Disability Assistance Payment is independent of eligibility for the Carer Supplement. You can receive both.

If you receive a part rate of Carer Allowance under shared-care arrangements will receive part of the Child Disability Assistance Payment.

This payment is also paid automatically if you qualify.

Health Care Cards:

Having a Carer Allowance Health Care Card only does not meet the requirements for either of these payments. You must actually receive an instalment of the eligible payment to receive the Carer Supplement and/or Child Disability Assistance Payment.

More Information:

Contact Centrelink about your Carer Bonus 2013

  You can contact Centrelink’s Disability and Carers line on 132 717 for more information or to talk to someone about your personal situation.

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  1. wondering why parent / guardian with a child with a disability receives $1000 while the other parents and guardians with persons with a disability receive $600 we each have challenging situations

  2. Hey was wondering how much i would receive for carers supplement . i receive carers payments and also carers allowance thanks

    • Hi Tola, If you receive Carer Payment and Carer Allowance you should receive a Carer Supplement each year for both payments. You may also be eligible for an annual Child Disability Assistance payment.

  3. Hii i get the carers allowance. and carers payment how much will i get and also what makes them special to get $1000 . we are all carers and go through the same process at what all carers do .

  4. I get both allowance and carer. payment .. wondering how much will i get for carers supplement

  5. Receive both payments. for carers . how much do i get ??! Um why can’t all carers have the same amount …. bit unfair. but would like ur help thanks

    • Hi Jodi,

      My understanding is that if you receive Carer Payment and Carer Allowance, you should receive a $600 Carer Supplement payment for both payments. If you qualify for the annual Child Disability Assistance payment, you would also receive the additional $1,000 on top of the Carer Supplement payments.

      I really can’t say why the Government gives an additional $1,000 to carer’s of children under the age of 16 years, though I expect it is because of the additional costs involved…. often at this age, there may be speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills classes and other associated expenses more common for children. Just a guess???

  6. Hi i was wondering what date is carers supplement payed in July . first time receiving this thanks

  7. Thank u so much .this information help me a lot but iwould like know more about annual child disabilities thanks.

    • Hi again, Tola.

      If the Carer Allowance you receive is for a child under 16 years and you were receiving this payment on 1 July 2013, you will also qualify for the Child Disability Assistance payment. This is paid each year at a maximum rate of $1,000 per child you receive Carer Allowance for.

      If you share-care of the child/ren, the amount is pro-rata between each of the carers.

      Just like the Carer Supplements, it is paid automatically if you qualify and you do not have to apply for it. The Child Disability Assistance Payment is paid in addition to any Carer Supplements you may be entitled to so receiving one doesn’t affect your eligibility for the other.

      I hope that helps.

  8. Thanks heaps but i receive carers allowance \ payment. for adults .do you think i would receive a supplement for the annual child disabilities $1000 ?????? Thanks you

  9. I still do not undertand why the government gives an extra $1000 for people with children, my husband and I struggle so much and any therapy they receive would be paid for by medicare anyway, we pay $100 a week for private health insurance, as my disabled husband requires regular treatment, and we live solely on a disability pension, where is the justice.

    • Are you delusional? What Medicare rebates does a child with autism claim? After 20 sessions with a speech therapist there are no rebates! That’s $150 per 45 minutes of speech therapy. Add onto that the other crippling costs and you’ll see that the cost to parents is astronomical. These kids will never marry or experience many of life’s experienced, and will require life-long care. Get over yourself, I’ve never seen such a whingefest. My taxes are paying for you and your husband’s upkeep, just remember that!

    • my son has been recieving speech therapy since he was six he is now 10 years old medicare does not pay for his speech therapy i pay it out of my own pocket like everything else i pay for and im a single dad dont get any help from anyone not even family threw in a good job when i found out he wasnt being looked after properly but he means more to me that materialistic things i will take what ever im entitled to

    • The answer to the question of to why the child disability payment of $1000 is only available to those with children under 16 year old is quite simple: Once a child with a disability turns 16, they are entitled to start collecting benefits of their own. This allows the the person being cared for to contribute to the cost of living, rather than it all fall upon the carer. The amount received by the person with a disability per year is far greater than $1000. At the end of the day we all struggle within our lives, lets not struggle with bitterness towards each other.

  10. Hannah Cook says:

    What a bunch of whingers!

    Be grateful for what you get.

    Why be jealous of what others receive?

    ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’.

    What has happened to compassion in Australia?

    • Hi Hannah.

      I have been writing this blog since 2007 and this is the first year I have seen so many recipients of bonus payments upset that other bonus payment recipients may get a little more than them. It’s typical to have taxpayers who don’t receive Government benefits, get their knickers in a twist about bonus payments to non-taxpayers (and I can see why that would start to frustrate people) but I’m not sure how it is really affecting one carer’s household budget to know another carer may receive a little more. The argument may be that everyone should get a higher bonus rate, but the reality is, it’s more feasible for all carer’s to receive a lower – or no – bonus payment at all. Then nobody wins (except maybe the frustrated taxpayer).

    • Billy Tea says:

      Yes we are very grateful for what we get and we always try to help out other people that are less fortunate or have a heavier burden. Hope all goes well for every carer in 2013……..Billy Tea

  11. hi I got my carers supplement on the 4th of July last year will I get it on the same day this year?

  12. As a carer it infuriates me to be described as a “non tax payer”. I do not pay income tax but pay TAXES through the nose. Petrol excise is a tax. Road tolls are a tax. GST is a tax. Stamp duty is a tax. Booze excise is a tax. Rates are a tax.
    A big proportion of the tax I pay every day probably goes into middle class welfare to give cheap Medibank and childcare rebates to working people, so what is their problem.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mike. I apologise if my use of the term “non taxpayer” offended you; it was not my intention. You are quite right that various taxes other than income tax are paid by all consumers. (As accountants we use the terms ‘taxable’ and ‘non-taxable’ every day…. I was thinking along the lines of ‘non-taxable’ in a traditional accounting sense; nothing more meant).

  13. Hi just wondering I’m on single parenting payment.. Do I receive the supplement for each child this July 2013 thanks

    • That’s a good question, Sylvia.

      I’m aware of Supplements for Family Tax Benefit but I am not sure about Parenting Payment. You should have recently received the new Income Support Bonus, though (I think it was around $210 for single parenting payment recipients… this is paid twice a year).

      Perhaps another reader knows more about possible supplements for Parenting Payment Single?

  14. I receive a part time carers payment caring for my mother part time.
    Does this effect the amount of the supplement will I only receive part of the $600 or all. ?

    • Hi Mark,

      It does not matter that you receive a part-time rate of carer’s payment for your mother. You should still receive the full $600 carer supplement payment. The only time this would be reduced if if you receive a pro-rata amount of carer payment for a shared-care arrangement.

  15. How disappointing to read all the negativity, it is purely a bonus, not an entitlement. Early intervention and support to develop skills in children is paramount and a good investment for not only the child, the parents but the nation as a whole – maybe that additional assistance is exactly what any country needs for the long term well being of its people and even potentially alleviate financial pressures on health care and the economy in the future. As a income tax payer and also a general tax payer as above comment distinguished, I am more than happy to contribute to all families trying their best to offer their children the best opportunities and I commend any carer supporting any person with additional needs… Just take into account of age people are entitled to their own payment and their carer benefits also, no individual payments are offered to children, not all carers live with the person they receive supplement for and a carer is entitled to fortnightly financial acknowledgement in a payment or allowance. Carers are invaluable… But the sense of entitlement displayed above for what is ultimately a bonus is disgraceful.

    • Well put, Toni.

      You make some good points. Children do not receive individual payments and I agree with you that early intervention is a great investment in the nation’s future.

      This has been a rocky thread at times but I’m glad we can all agree that carers of all types and ages are invaluable.

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  16. Hi i was wondering when does centrelink send a letter out to us about carers. supplement . and also it says it is payed on our first payment thanks

  17. Hey the updates says the carers supplement is payed with our firsts payment on the firsts of July . so i was wondering i get paid on the 3rd of July . would i definitely get it on the 3rd ????. thank you

  18. Hi was wondering the update about carers supplement says we receive it with our firsts payment . i get paid on the 3rd of July will i receive it on that date thanks .

  19. When will the supplement be paid? On the first of July?

  20. I agree it a bonus not a payment we should be grateful, other people/countries don’t receive a red cent, not even a payment or allowance for taking care of there love ones.
    Anyways I agree with a lot of the comments we are a very lucky country and to me the best in the world, and I think every case is different some people get less some get more,.. I just wish I wasn’t getting any payments cause that would mean that my mum was ok, but please don’t complain about getting more or less, as I said every case is different , and to Christie Lewis thanks keep the good work you do we appreciate it.

  21. well I got my carers one off payments do people that get the dsp get the 600 also?

  22. Hi would like to know if I qualify bonus intend claim child under 16.. with diabeties 1. was started 9th July 2013, drs report diagnosed more than 12 wks 17 th June

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  23. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but iit has pretty
    much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice off colors!

  24. Hi i was getting carers for my son who turned 16 in january i lost my carers for him as im on a disability pension and my husband cant get carers as his already caring for 2 adults and my son is now classed as a adult am i still eligible for part of the carers supplement payments?

  25. sara you go girl your absoulutely right

  26. Hi Christie
    I was wondering bout the health care card bit?? I get #family tax A & B
    #carers pension and #carers allowance For my son who is 15yrs I have a pension card from the pension so how much would I get?? Thanks

  27. Vicki Jackson says:

    I was just wondering if I would receive this payment as I am receiving both the carer payment and allowance, but have only been receiving this for a short period of time .

  28. payment will be paid when they are paid no amount of whinging is going to make it come any faster

  29. All I can say as a mum with a child with ASD, ASPERGUERS AND ADHD is THANK YOU….

    I personally don’t care if I’m entitled to $1000, $600 or even $100 in today’s world every little bit helps I say…. So thank you

  30. I have been getting carers allowanace your a many years now for my sone, and cant see anywhere if we get the $1000 and $600 bonus like every year. not sure if the budget changed and we don’t get it anymore. being the 1st july thought may have seen ittoday if it was coming

  31. Will I receive the carers allowance bonus I was only cared all last year and only stopped May this year am I still entitled

  32. my twins turned 16 in may will I get a part payment of the $1000 for each of them since I cared for them both for10 months out of the 12 whilst they were under 16??????

  33. hi do independant children under 18 recieve the payment?

  34. I started receiving carer payment/allowance 11th Oct 2014.. Will the carer bonus be given to me this yr or do you have to be receiving carer payments before July 1st 2014 to be eligible? Thanks…

  35. Hi I was just wondering if I just started 2 receive ftbA+B nd also maybe entitled 2 disability support payment 4 my son that is 12 would I b entitled 2 anything from the household assistance nd dsp payment can u please help with some information on that pls

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